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Flyers – effective or not Part 2

The advantages of your business – here we have pointed out the advantages of the product are not, and directly benefits your business. Again, you need to think about what is important to the client. For example, in my case, I know that competitors carry a half order – two weeks, so I’m in one of the advantages of writing “Get your order in just 2 days.” Just like I know that competitors are only the size of the models that they have, as we do on any model, as have the opportunity to take the dimensions of any car, so I write “Making under any model”;

Customer Reviews – why it is my favorite section. It is best to secure customer reviews with phones or other contact information that would increase the confidence of potential customers. In particular in this leaflet, I did not control its release and customer reviews, just issued in the form of photographs. But in the next draw certainly correct;

Action – the action must necessarily be of limited duration. And it must be substantial. Better to put the original price a little higher, but to make a serious offer than writing a 5% discount. I recommend doing a discount of 35%. Duration of action should also be a half-year and a maximum of 30 days. Better if it will be a specific date. But I made these leaflets “By the end of the month”, because they do not know when they are ready, the next edition has already been done specifically to “15 August 2014”. Just note in the shares on the inscription “field under PROMO CODE”. There is left a white field, I shall paint on for what we need it.

Target Audience

Next you need to decide on the target audience. The better get her to reveal the greater will be the efficiency of the distribution of leaflets. For example, when we had sushi delivery, we performed no distribution of leaflets and pushed them into the front door of the apartment: efficiency was wonderful! Now in the subject to road screens this topic: our main customers is the car owners who have toned rear windows. Therefore, we provide raskidku flyers under windshield wipers of cars which zatonirovanny rear windows.

Distribution scheme

Basically leaflets do not work, because the motivation is not worked promoters! What is the motivation we have developed. Our motivation is built as follows. Wages promoter is divided into 2 parts:

– For handing out leaflets;
– For orders with these flyers.

Well, if the first part of all is clear, then the second, questions arise. For the first part we promoter receives 60 cents per leaflet position under the windshield wipers of cars. The second part is calculated as follows: remember promo code, about which I wrote above. This promo code is unique for each promoter. Apply it before dealing with the help of typesetting printing (on the technical part of this action I will post when I get back to the office). When receiving the order, the customer himself calls the code as he wants to get a discount. Managers who take order capture it in a special CRM system (you it can be Excel or even a notebook). After paying for the client, the promoters receive 200 rubles per order.

I tried to describe the most of what I use. It remains only to attach itself leaflet, which made designer. They will be printed on Monday. At the end of next week, I can write a post on their effectiveness. And compared with the effectiveness of the previous file leaflets, which I did not under this scheme.

Flyers – effective or not

 Many people with whom I spoke said that in their business fliers do not work. Of course there is a business in which the leaflets do not work, for example, businesses operating in the segment B2B. But most people do premature conclusions that the leaflets in their business useless. I will say more years ago, […] Continue reading →