Flyers – effective or not

Many people with whom I spoke said that in their business fliers do not work. Of course there is a business in which the leaflets do not work, for example, businesses operating in the segment B2B. But most people do premature conclusions that the leaflets in their business useless. I will say more years ago, I also thought that the leaflets do not work. And I say this from my own experience. All went well until I learned to develop models of leaflets and their distribution system that really works. So begin to address this issue. At first I’ll tell you what I think is important in the leaflets, which information must be in the leaflet and handing out leaflets which system as efficiently as possible.

Most businessmen, marketers, advertising specialists, when there is a need to make a flyer, go to the designer, his or freelance and are given the task to make a flyer that’s a product that we should write. I am sure that this situation is familiar to many. I also did before, thinking, designer dog ate on this topic, let him and understands. Now I’m doing the layout leaflets in Power Point. In this layout, I’m sketching what elements should be where and how the text should be in the leaflet. Then I put the layout leaflets in Power Point, which I did recently for our project on avtoshtorkam. Here’s how it looks:

– Header at the top left, which clearly describes what product referred to in this leaflet;
– Contact information: Right at the top and bottom;
– Benefits of your product;
– Photo/diagram/picture that gives the visualization looks like or how your product;
– The advantages of your business;
– Customer reviews;
– The action of limited duration.

As you can see, all these elements have in the layout leaflets, which I have laid out. You can use this as a scheme operating time when preparing your flyers. Next, I will describe in detail about each element of the leaflets.

Title – gives the potential client to quickly understand what the product or service offered in your leaflet. I usually stand heading into the left upper part of the leaflets. Why so? Reading of any document book starts from left to right, top to bottom. In any case, the human eye will automatically fall to the upper-left side of the leaflets. I also recommend the title to add a key benefit of your product (if new) or your business, if the product is already familiar to the client. For example, in my product leaflet car sun screens, a new product, most customers are not familiar, so I wrote that is an alternative to toning, which everyone knows;

Contact data – the data by which you can be contacted in order to clarify that information or to place an order. Then I proceed purely from experience. It is very convenient when the contacts easy to find. You can easily find them at the bottom of leaflets and in the upper right;

Benefits of your product – there will have to work a little. We need to understand what is important in your product for customers who buy it. If the product is new, and customers do not know anything about him, you can draw an analogy with a product with similar properties;

Photo/diagram/picture – if you have a physical commodity that it is best to put his picture, directly at the point of use (for example, if it is presented to the girl flowers or directly to the process of giving the bouquet), if you have a service that can be drawn scheme providing its clients and indicate that he will get the output. Just work well drawn pictures are very colorful and beautiful.

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